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Roll-Off Dumpster Rental Agreement


Biohazard or Medical Waste


Industrial Waste


Propane Tanks

Electronic TV's


Aerosol Cans


Equipment with gas or oil

Lead base waste


Radioactive Material




Contaminated Soil

Fluorescent Lights



Air Conditioners


If any of the above items are found to be in Alpine Roll-Off Service dumpsters, the renter of the container will be liable for extra cost incurred by Alpine Roll-Off Services for disposal of such items. If any of these items are found to be in the container prior to pick-up, Alpine Roll-Off Services, and its employees, may refuse pick-up of the dumpster until the items are removed by renter. Such items can be extremely costly to be disposed of and hazardous to the health of those handling it and to the environment.

The contents of the roll-off dumpster are the responsibility of the customer. As the renter, you are responsible for whatever it may be, including but not limited to; any and all charges/permits related to the transportation of the material as well as proper disposal. 

  • Dumpsters can only be filled to the top of the rim. Material over the top is potentially hazardous to our operators and other vehicles on the roadway. We will not pick up an overloaded container. 


  • You are responsible for any damage caused to the dumpster while it is in your possession. The renter shall not make any alterations or improvements to any container. Any damages will be billed to customer. 


  • Please allow 24 hours for drop-offs and pick-ups. 

  • Must have credit or debit card on file prior to drop-off. 

  • The container must be accessible for pick-up by the Roll-off truck. Snow must be shoveled, cards and debris kept clear. We will always try to schedule or call prior to pick-up and placement so as not to inconvenience you. 

  • If we're called to pick-up or drop-off and cannot access the container/location, extra fees may be incurred.

  • If we're called to re-locate the container on site, additional fees may apply.

Customer Agreement of Terms of Dumpster Rental

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